Internship Programs


This summer we were blessed with not only one intern, but two! We have Molly Traush, our Extension Intern working mostly with the 4-H program. We also have Cale Mages, who has been helping me install irrigation equipment and will be working on a special grant-funded project this summer. Here is a short piece from him.

My name is Cale Mages and I am a summer intern with the Partners in Pollution Prevention program at UNL. I will be working in the Fillmore County Extension Office, specifically working with producers to help evaluate irrigation system efficiencies and offering any suggestions for improvement that I can. So far it has be very enjoyable experience, and I hope to give producers a better understanding of their irrigation systems and find ways they can save money. I am originally from a small town southeast of Kansas City. I will be a 5th year senior at the University of Kansas where I study civil engineering. I have grown up both working and playing outside, so I am glad to have an internship that allows me to keep doing so. I look forward to meeting members of the community and enjoying my time in Fillmore County. Feel free to stop by the extension office with any questions.

We are glad to have both Cale and Molly in the office so please help them both feel welcome this summer.

Flooding Resources

Just a quick mention that there are lots of flood resources available at UNL extension’s website. If you know of someone with these issues, help spread the word.

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