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Youth CropWatch Page

Crops Webpage for Youth

For the last two years, I’ve been working to get a website with resources and lessons for 4-H leaders, extension staff, agricultural education instructors, and youth developed regarding crop production.  I’m happy to announce that this webpage is up and running and can be found at

Youth in Crop Sciences Investigation (CSI) workshops learn about crop production and have the opportunity in investiage what pests might be present in the field.

The objective of this webpage is to provide a one spot stop with crop production information, some of it specific for Nebraska and some general crop information that can be used for a variety of locations. 

The webpage is divided into four main sections: crop and plant science facts, activities for youth, 4-H & FFA projects, and teaching activities & resources. “Crop and plant science facts” provides a short summary of crop statistics and other fun facts. “Activities for youth” has some fun crossword puzzles, word searches and other interactive activities for youth to participate. The 4-H and FFA project page has some of the opportunities available through 4-H and FFA such as Crop Science Investigation workshop series and other events related to crops. Finally, the “Teaching Activities and Resources” page currently has nine lessons available for anyone to download and teach hands-on activities to any age group, depending on how in depth they make the content.

More web-based interactive activities and lessons will be added to this webpage as time passes. I hope you will take some time to explore this webpage and encourage youth to consider a career in crop and plant sciences.

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