Crops, Irrigation, Programming

Nebraska On-Farm Research Network

Several area Extension Educators and I have been involved with on-farm research for several years.  I’ve shared many of our Quad County On-farm Research results at meetings, in my columns and on the web.  These results are also posted on the CropWatch Website.

This year we’ve combined efforts across Nebraska and are working to investigate topics in three general areas:

1)  Irrigation – water application management in corn production

2)  Nitrogen management in corn production – both irrigated and dryland

3)  Corn population study in irrigated and dryland

If you’d be interested in any of these topics, give Gary Zoubek a call at: 402-362-5508 or email him at: or contact Keith Glewen, Extension Educator at: 402-624-8030 or email him at: They are the statewide contacts for this statewide effort.


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