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Tree Health & Other Updates

Crop ET Weekly Report

The ETgage I check outside of Geneva changed 1.7 inches for the week of June 16-22nd.   Corn at V-10 would have used 1.23”/week or .18” per day and corn at V-12 used 1.5”/week or .21 inches/day. We were fortunate to receive .80” of rainfall. There have been some producers who use watermark sensors concerned they aren’t working or getting a good enough seal. If that is the case, get another one to place next to the one in question, but remember for most pivot systems in our county, waiting until the sensors average 90-100 for readings is the trigger point.  

 Tree Health

In Nebraska, trees can have a tough time staying healthy. Drought, storm damage, insects and diseases often damage and shorten the life of valuable shade trees. Along with natural stressors, there is man-made damage that can be avoided. Most common is lawn mower and weed trimmer damage to tree trunks. Trees add so much economic and environmental value to our landscapes that care should be taken to prevent trunk damage. It’s easy to do. Just don’t hit trees when mowing the lawn. To prevent this, and improve tree health, remove sod from around a tree trunk and replace it with organic mulch. This will eliminate the need to trim grass around tree trunks. If this is not desirable in a landscape, then hand trim the grass around trees instead of mowing close to the trunk or using a weed trimmer.  Reducing this man-made stress will greatly improve the vigor and life span of valuable trees vigor.

(Source: Kelly Feehan, UNL Extension , 2012)

 Fillmore County 4-H Pre-Fair Events

The Fillmore County Fair is quickly approaching. While county fair is the most visible part of the 4-H program, don’t forget that some 4-H’ers have been hard at work participating in multiple workshops, other contests and practicing community service and leadership projects.

Come and support 4-H’ers with some pre-fair activities  as listed below:
July 10th – Fillmore Co. 4-H Clothing Day, 8:30 a.m. – Ag Hall
July11th – Fillmore Co. 4-H Small Animal Pet Show, 9 a.m. – Ag Hall
July 11th – 4-H Dog Skillathon, following pet show – Ag Hall
July 11th – Horticulture Contest, 1 p.m. – Ag Hall
July 12th – Public Style Review & Talent Show, 7 p.m. – Rialto Theater, Geneva
July 11th – Fair Clean-Up Day, 9 a.m. – Fillmore Co. Fairgrounds
July 14-19th –Fillmore County Fair!

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