Mentally Coping with Drought

With harvest underway, most likely producers are suffering yield losses in rainfield fields. Many producers will have very high energy bills from the long irrigation season. High nitrate issues are of concern for livestock producers. The list goes on for the problems this year’s drought caused. With that can come an emotional stress that directly impact farm families as they cope with those burdens.

After the Drought, a September 27 one-hour national webinar will address this topic and the resources available to help farm families cope. The program’s goal is to provide farm families, Extension educators, and other agriculture professionals with basic resources to address mental/behavioral issues related to the drought.

Program topics will include:

  • Mental health issues likely to be encountered by drought-stressed farmers, such as depression, anxiety disorders, suicidal thoughts and actions, and substance abuse
  • Proper identification of signs and symptoms
  • Appropriate responses when interacting with farm family members
  • Referral sources for additional assistance
  • Training opportunities available through Mental Health First Aid.

More information is available at UNL Extension’s CropWatch website.

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