Leadership Education/Action Development

Several years ago I met twenty-nine talented individuals with a passion of agriculture through the Nebraska LEAD program. To date, I remain friends with many of them and the networking opportunities have been tremendous. The in-state seminars challenged me to think outside of the box and remain an advocate for agriculture. I could go on and on about the excellent opportunities the LEAD program has provided, but I challenge you to experience it yourself! The Nebraska LEAD program is accepting applications for LEAD Group 33.

My LEAD group XXVII went to China, South Korea and Hong Kong for our International Study Travel Seminar.
My LEAD group XXVII went to China, South Korea and Hong Kong for our International Study Travel Seminar.

Terry Hejny, director of the Nebraska LEAD program announced that “Up to 30 motivated men and women with demonstrated leadership potential will be selected from five geographic districts across our state. Fellowship applications for Nebraska LEAD (Leadership Education/Action Development) Group 33 are available for men and women involved in production agriculture or agribusiness.

In addition to monthly three-day seminars throughout Nebraska from mid-September through early April each year, Nebraska LEAD Fellows also participate in a 10-day National Study/Travel Seminar and a two week International Study/Travel Seminar.

Seminar themes include leadership assessment and potential, natural resources and energy, agricultural policy, leadership through communication, our political process, global perspectives, nuclear energy, social issues, understanding and developing leadership skills, agribusiness and marketing, advances in health care and the resources and people of Nebraska’s Panhandle, Hejny said.

The Nebraska LEAD Program is designed to prepare the spokespersons, problem-solvers and decision makers for Nebraska and its agricultural industry.

In its 32nd year, the program is operated by the Nebraska Agricultural Leadership Council, a nonprofit organization, in collaboration with the University of Nebraska’s Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources and in cooperation with Nebraska colleges and universities, business and industry, and individuals throughout the state.

Applications are due no later than June 15 and are available via e-mail from the Nebraska LEAD Program. Please contact Shana at  You can also request an application by writing Room 318 Biochemistry Hall, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 68583-0763 or by calling 402-472-6810. You can visit the LEAD website for information about the selection process.

Nebraska LEAD Program offices are in the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

 Source: Terry Hejny, Ph.D., director, Nebraska LEAD Program

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