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Returning to the Farm

Each year UNL offers a workshop held over two weekends for students, beginning farmers, and established operations. This year the first weekend sessions are planned for Dec. 12 & 13th and the second are planned for Jan. 9 & 10th.

Bringing a young person into a farm/ranch operation presents challenges. FarmHowever, the business operation can accomplish numerous goals by helping the young person get a solid start in the operation, keeping the farm/ranch in the family, and ensuring a comfortable retirement for all involved.

Success does not come automatically; it requires effort. Blending a variety of talents and personalities into

one farming or ranching operation takes planning, communication, and management. The Returning to the Farm program is designed to assist families and operations in developing a financial plan and successful working arrangements that will meet the needs of multiple families.

During the program participants will:

  • Review financial feasibility, balance sheets and trend sheets
  • Identify estate planning issues
  • Develop a farm/ranch transition plan
  • Set both personal and professional goals
  • Look at the communication process between family members

Returning to the farm is sponsored by the University of Nebraska – Ag Economics Department. Presenters will include: Dave Aiken, Tina Barrett, Kate Brooks, Dave Goeller, Cheryl Griffith, Brad Lubben, Jay Parsons, Cory Walter and Roger Wilson.

For more information about this great program, go to Ag Econ website. I know there are local families who have particiapted and came back with great reviews on it. Let me know if you have any questions about this workshop.

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