Halloween Safety Tips

Some safety tips in time for next week with Halloween to consider from the Progressive Agriculture Safety Day blog.

Safety Day Corner

By: Jana L. Davidson, Education Content Specialist for the Progressive Agriculture Foundation

From dressing up like pirates and princesses to ghosts and goblins, Halloween is a fun and exciting time for many children. Each year, children look forward to parties, haunted houses & hayrides, and of course adventuring through the neighborhood, door-to-door in search of candy. Trick or treat dates and times may be different in each town, but one thing that should remain constant is making safety a priority!  Here are some safety tips to ensure your child continues to have good memories and enjoy Halloween for years to come.

  1. Young children should never go trick or treating alone! They should always be accompanied by a parent or a responsible and trusted adult.
  2. For older children, they should always go trick or treating in groups and stick together at all times. If your child would happen to get lost…

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