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4-H Shout Out Campaign

One of the most impactful programs I participated as a youth was 4-H. I learned responsibility, leadership skills, life skills that help me today and confidence. Recently, National 4-H launched a national campaign to highlight the accomplishments of our young people. Details of this campaign are highlighted and it is encouraged to take part and share those accomplishments through social media.


Every day, millions of kids across America are leading positive changes — large and small — in their lives, schools and communities. But today’s youth don’t get credit often enough for the progress they are making or the good things they are doing.

Nebraska 4-H Youth Development within the University of Nebraska—Lincoln believes that every child has valuable strengths and given the chance, can grow into confident, responsible and compassionate young people who have the power to realize their dreams and lead change… who learn and lead by doing… True Leaders.

This week, 4-H is launched a national campaign focused on highlighting the accomplishments of young people. In the community, you may see the campaign in action through television and radio public service announcements, special events, social media advertising, and more.

It is also strongly encouraged to participate in this special campaign by taking time this week to “Shout Out” through social media the amazing and unique things that your 4-H youth are accomplishing in your community. Here are a few simple steps to follow to help you recognize youth:

1) Create social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Share in your post a photo or video of youth. Tag others pictured if possible.
2) Add Hashtags. Be sure to add the hashtags #TrueLeaders AND #NE4H (specific to Nebraska) to your post.
3) Post and Post Often!

More information can be found on the Nebraska 4-H web site. Our goal is to inspire 100,000 shout outs for kids across the country. For every Shout Out, there’s one more person being a champion on behalf of a young person, and one more kid being recognized for the great thing they are doing.

Thank you for helping 4-H “Shout Out” true leaders! Your support here in Nebraska is greatly appreciated!

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