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Saline County Wind Association

The Saline County Wind Association (SCWA) Inc. has voted to enter into negotiations on a wind lease agreement with APEX Clean Energy of Charlottesville, VA. APEX has indicated it plans to build a 300 M/W wind energy facility in the following Townships of Saline and Fillmore Counties: Atlanta, Olive, Turkey Creek, Belle Prairie, Chelsea, Franklin and Glengary.windturbine

APEX has renewable energy projects in 25 states. Most of those projects being wind energy facilities. This will be their first project in Nebraska.

SCWA’s role in this project is: 1) Educate the landowners in the project area about wind farms; 2) Help determine the level of interest in this type of project; 3) If there is sufficient level of interest, to negotiate a wind lease agreement for the landowners that choose to participate in the project.

SCWA Board Chairman, David Vavra, said, “The mission of the Wind Association is to Protect the Land Owners. Not to be for or against wind development, but to educate the landowners so they can make an informed decision as whether or not to sign a wind lease agreement.”

Wind Lease agreements can be 50 to 60 pages long. The SCWA has identified over 20 points of concern that land owners need to be made aware of when signing a lease of this type. These agreements can be in place for up to 50 years.

To help inform and educate the landowners in the proposed area, SCWA will be holding 2 landowner informational meetings in Ohiowa, at 1PM in the Ohiowa Auditorium on Saturday, August 13th, and in Tobias at 7PM in the Tobias Fire Hall on Sunday, August 14th.

Anyone who has land or interest in the project area is encouraged to attend. Even if you are not interested in wind development, you owe it to yourself to be informed.

For more information please call 402-526-0018.

(Source: David Vavra, SCWA Chairman)

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