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Leadership Skills Top Ten

Recently I had the opportunity to help recognize 4-H Club Leaders from both Fillmore and Clay counties. With so many organizations, school activities, careers and many other items on parents’ plates, I hope leaders know how much I appreciate their help and commitment to the 4-H program. Without leaders to guide 4-H’ers and lead the meetings, 4-H clubs would not be as successful as they are today.leadership

To describe what a leader is, I’ve made up my own top ten skills that make a good leader.

#10. Flexibility – the ability to go with the flow when needed”

#9. Negotiation – ability to compromise and come up with a “win/win” situation

#8. Creativity – develop solutions and look towards the future

#7. Determination – possess “grit” even when projects don’t go as planned

#6. Mentoring – teaching and helping others

#5. Listening – actively listen to what others might need

#4. Integrity – doing things for the right reason and not self-seeking

#3. Teamwork – ability to bring people together and accomplish a common goal

#2. Compassion – desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others

#1. Communication – articulate ideas clearly to others and in an appropriate manner, most often conflict occurs because others are unaware of a situation

Many of our club leaders possess these skills and I would like to thank them for their years of service. While there is no such think as a perfect leader, whether in a volunteer or career-related position, a leader is able to work as a team, admit when he/she is wrong and work towards the greater good and move an organization forward.

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