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National Farmer’s Day

Here is my favorite farmer. Taken a few years ago, my oldest daughter enjoyed riding with “Grandpa Beek” (my Dad) in the combine. So thankful I grew up on a farm!

There are so many “days” such as “national ice cream day”, “national punctuation day”, etc. which I quite honestly don’t pay attention. Today, however I noticed that it is National Farmer’s Day and felt like that is something to spend a little bit of time recognizing. October 12th is a day for us to pay tribute to farmers throughout our great nation.

Have you thanked a farmer lately?  Farmers work long and hard hours and there is no guarantee of good yields. As is the case lately, farmers are at the mercy of the weather and waiting to return to harvest due to wet conditions.

Agriculture and farmers are the backbone of our society and economy!  Thank you to all of the farmers who feed and clothe us!


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