COVID-19 has changed the way our world is run. For me, I’m working at home while facilitating distance education school for my two girls. It can be challenging and test my patience, but I’m also viewing it as an opportunity. For example, I haven’t had night meetings away from them, we’ve had supper at the table every night, I’m more involved in their education by helping answer questions they have with their school work AND they are even helping me with some work projects as I figure out how to transition face-to-face programs to an online offering. You might be seeing them star in some videos! IMG_8152

Try and use this uncertain time to reconnect with people via phone or internet and find gratitude in what you have and take care of each other! 130D3026-5C16-4BBF-9AD9-1EA31DF8D78A_1_105_c

Recently a video talked about dealing with the stress during a pandemic…https://mediasite.video.ufl.edu/Mediasite/Play/bf0a42f96e874778bf47a8517125f1591d

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