Land Management Webinar

A very common question we receive every fall or as land leasing is negotiated, is, “What is cash rent in our area?” Fortunately, Nebraska Extension has a yearly publication to provide guidance for this question, however the question a lot of times is, “it depends.” Every person’s situation is different and many factors should be taken into consideration.

Photo by Flambo on Pexels.com

An upcoming Nebraska Extension webinar will focus on land management issues for landlords and tenants to consider in the coming year. Farmland Trends and Lease Considerations for 2021 will be held on Sept. 10, from noon to 1:30 p.m. The virtual workshop will offer information and analysis on cash rental rates, flexible leasing, land/tenant communication, farm succession, and utilizing USDA programs.

It will be presented by Extension educators and agricultural economists Jim Jansen and Austin Duerfeldt, along with Allan Vyhnalek, an extension educator for farm and ranch succession. 

The team will be presenting findings on current cash rental rates, innovative strategies for setting equitable lease, and strategic planning for uncertainty due to price volatility in the markets.

The discussion will also address programs and tools available from the USDA to help navigate the uncertainty faced by landowners and operators across the state. 

Austin, Allan and Jim have put together an excellent set of topics and have completely rewritten our land management curriculum to help landlords and tenants better manage risk. They encourage landowners, operators, and agribusiness professionals to join in on the live session and hear about new land management strategies as we look forward to the upcoming production year.

The webinar is being held in lieu of the in-person land management meetings that are traditionally held across the state in the summer and fall. Supplemental video presentations will be available and in-person workshops on the topic are intended to resume in late 2020.

It is being presented online as part of an ongoing weekly series produced by the extension Farm and Ranch Management team in the Department of Agricultural Economics. It will be held live on Zoom for approximately 90 minutes, including time for questions from participants. 

Registration is free and can be completed at farm.unl.edu/webinars For more information, contact Jim Jansen, Extension Agricultural Economist at 402.472.2560 or jjansen3@unl.edu.

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