Entrepreneurship Month

November is National Entrepreneurship Month! Did you know youth entrepreneurship is a program priority for Nebraska 4-H? Through various programs, Nebraska 4-H connects youth to important careers and strengthens their entrepreneurship skills. Entrepreneurship programs aim to increase the number of youths returning to rural communities in business and professions and to increase the number of youths who are entrepreneurs.

Nebraska Extension has created several programs to introduce youth to entrepreneurship and the mind set behind being an entrepreneur.  Curriculum reach youth between grades 3-8.  The curriculum, “T.E.C Box and “INVENTURE Day” have allowed youth to use their creativity through hands-on learning to explore the basics of Entrepreneurship while connecting them to their local communities. 

Tinker. Explore. Create. (TEC) Box is an experiential learning and maker movement activity that actively engages learners by encouraging them to think for themselves, work hard and learn with hands-on, minds-on methods. Through this program, youth will engage with entrepreneurship, empathy and utilize their innovative spark. Two hundred sixty-five youth participated in TEC Box curriculum activities.

During INVENTURE Day, students familiarize themselves with local businesses and business owners to identify potential entrepreneurial careers. Using innovation and creation, youth work in teams to develop a unique business around a product that solves a problem in the community.

In celebration of National Entrepreneurship Month, teachers and educators are invited to utilize a toolkit of free resources, including:

  • Calendar of fun, easy activities to use as bell-ringers, energizers, and simple ways to engage students in entrepreneurial thinking
  • Lesson plans designed to introduce students to entrepreneurship and building an entrepreneurial mindset by developing their non-cognitive skills
  • Virtual field trips to connect students to real people working as entrepreneurs
  • Spark to Start activity book containing activities, games, puzzles, and more to help students learn about starting a business

A sample Spark to Start activities book is also being sent to all 4th-grade teachers in Nebraska. To access the free resources, simply complete a form at go.unl.edu/e-shipmonth.  

Participants in Nebraska extension entrepreneurship and innovation programs have been shown to embrace an entrepreneurial mindset and gain skills to create new businesses, which ultimately contributes to the economic vitality of Nebraska communities and beyond.

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