Communicating with Farmers Under Stress

Farmers and ranchers have many stressors in their lives. Weather challenges and disasters like many Nebraskans have recently experienced have led to uncertainty in their crop and livestock operations. Machinery breakdowns, debt loads, volatile markets, sleep deprivation, changing regulations, and the stress of holding onto a multi-generational farm/ranch all play a part of the stress and mental health of a farmer or rancher. Farmers and ranchers know the importance of planning and talking about their financial health to bankers, financial planners, spouses, etc. but might not realize how important it is to spend time on their mental health. 

Photo by Liza Summer on Pexels.com

Nebraska Extension, in partnership with Michigan State University Extension, offers a free online webinar, “Communicating with Farmers Under Stress.”. This workshop is beneficial for individuals who work with farmers and ranchers on a regular basis, such as bank lenders, ag suppliers, educators and consultants, healthcare professionals, and anyone involved with the lives of farmers and ranchers. In addition to being helpful for working with farmers and ranchers, the workshop educates participants about managing stress in their own lives and teaches how stressors can affect physical health and relationships with family or coworkers.

This webinar will be Wednesday, May 5th from 10-11:30 a.m., CDT. Registration and more resources can be found on Nebraska Extension’s Rural Wellness website at https://ruralwellness.unl.edu/. For more information, contact Nebraska Extension Educators myself, Brandy VanDeWalle, brandy.vandewalle@unl.edu or Susan Harris, susan.harris@unl.edu.

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