In the Garden

Great gardening tips from Nicole Stoner…

Plants and Pests with Nicole

This time of year our gardens are really growing well, but in some cases so are the problems. I thought I would take some time to describe some common problems we are seeing in the garden currently.

Poor production

In unfavorable weather, we don’t see reduced or stalled out fruit production on our vegetable plants. Some of our plants have no fruits developing at all while others have fruits on the plant that simply won’t ripen. When it gets so hot and it stays that way for many days in a row, that is not optimal conditions for production. When our days get hotter than 85 degrees Fahrenheit and our night’s stay warmer than 70 degrees, tomato production slows and can even stop altogether until conditions improve. Pollen can even become sterile in very hot conditions. There is nothing you can do for poor production due to heat, except to…

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