Women in Ag Partnering with Farmers & Ranchers College to Connect Generations in Geneva

Adapting and connecting with different generations takes practice. The Farmers & Ranchers College, in partnership with the Nebraska Women in Agriculture Program, will host Becky Fouard to discuss this important topic. Join us at 5:30 p.m. at the Geneva Public Library in Geneva, NE.

One of the coolest parts about being in the professional space is the ability to work with people from all different generations and life stages. With that said, working with people who grew up in different circumstances and with different influences can cause differences in how we see the world, what motivates us, and how we operate. In this presentation, we will focus on a general understanding of the differences between key generations in the workplace today, and how to lead and engage with each of these generations for a thriving organization and business relationships. Registration is free but appreciated for prep purposes.

About the speaker

Becky Fouard grew up on a small farm in Kansas, and through 4-H and FFA found her passion for people, agriculture, and leadership. After graduating from Kansas State University in Agricultural Communications and journalism, with a minor in leadership, Becky stepped into an array of roles that eventually took her to Indianapolis Indiana.

Her first role out of college was with the Kansas State Department of Agriculture and focused on branding and marketing local products in the state as well as globally. Becky then took a role with Elanco Animal Health in 2013 in marketing. Since then, Becky has held roles in global marketing, corporate communications, corporate social responsibility, and today she leads two key leadership programs with Elanco through the Global Learning and Development team.

While Becky works at Elanco during the day, she also has two other key passions she puts effort towards. Becky acts as a life coach and leadership consultant through her On The Rise Group business, with her partner Ashleyne Seitz, and also co-owns a CrossFit gym with her husband in Indianapolis (M4G CrossFit). At the heart of everything Becky does is the passion and drive to help others live an authentic, fulfilled, and healthy life.  

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