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Pesticide Container Recycling Program

The Nebraska Pesticide Container Recycling Program completed its 24th season last year. If any businesses would like to serve as a pesticide container recycling sites for 2016, submission of 2016 Recycling Site Information is due by March 18, 2016.

These sites are where the plastic pesticide containers are first inspected by
cooperators, bagged in large plastic bags and then temporarily stored for pick-up by a multi-state subcontractor. Assistance with this recycling effort is vital and appreciated. Plastic from rinsed 1.0 and 2.5 gallon plastic pesticide and adjuvant
containers and plastic crop protection drums of 15, 30 and 55 gallons are accepted. No homeowner plastic pesticide containers are accepted. 

This program has successfully recycled more than 2 million pounds of plastic pesticide containers from Nebraska’s landscape. That’s over
1,000 tons! This is a significant quantity that has helped eliminate much of the improper dumping of the containers in ditches or ineffective
burning of the plastic containers. 

If you hosted a collection site in 2015, please confirm this site for participation in 2016 by completing the on-line form listed in the next
paragraph. If you have not had an inspection/collection site, 2016 may be the year for you to consider providing a location. 

Please complete and submit the on-line, electronic form by March 18h for EACH 2016 recycling site on the Pesticide Education website.

General information about the pesticide container recycling program is available on-line. 

Container Services Network (CSN) have responsibility for pick-up and transportation of containers. CSN supplies large plastic bags that are to be
filled at the collection/inspection sites. CSN then takes possession of the bagged containers when 1,000 lb. or more containers are accumulated. 
Communication directly with CSN is essential to receive sufficient quantities of collection bags and to arrange for pick-up.