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Raise Your Hand for 4-H

cropped-n_4h-ext-3c.pngNebraska 4-H currently reaches one in three youth through 4-H programming. Considering the amazing benefits youth experience through participation in 4-H programming, Nebraska 4-H anticipates reaching one in two youth by the year 2020. In order to achieve this goal, leadership of Nebraska 4-H asked counties to establish growth goals for their local 4-H programs beginning in 2014. These growth goals were meant to encourage and challenge 4-H programs to think of creative and innovative ways to engage more youth in 4-H programming. While reaching one in two youth may initially seem overly ambitious, fifty four counties currently reach one in two youth through their 4-H programs. This is due, in large part, to the great work of our 4-H alumni and volunteers. Fortunately, Fillmore and Clay Counties have already achieved this goal and are working to expand even more through diverse audiences.

Recently, the National 4-H Council announced their own growth goal of reaching ten million youth through 4-H programming by 2025. They asked all states to begin setting growth goals to help them achieve this. It is great to see Nebraska 4-H setting the standard for growth and leading the way as we work to give as many youth as possible the opportunity to make their best, better.


How can you be a part of Nebraska 4-H reaching one in two youth by 2020? Invite new members to join 4-H clubs, perform community outreach projects in the county, or invite your child’s teacher to utilize school enrichment programs in their classroom. Are you on social media? As you share great accomplishments with 4-H members and use the hashtag #4Hgrowshere and #NE4H. Even if you are not directly involved in 4-H programming, share great 4-H memories or experiences that helped you make the best better. Growing the reach of Nebraska 4-H begins with volunteers and alumni sharing their stories and shining the spotlight on the life changing moments experienced in 4-H. Help Nebraska 4-H continue to lead the way to reaching one in two youth in counties of our great state and ten million youth nationally.2018-04-13_1457.png

If you are a 4-H alum, don’t forget to Raise Your Hand! Together we can help 4-H provide the hands-on learning that empowers kids across America with the skills to handle what life throws at them.

It’s easy:

  1. Raise Your Hand: Go to to show your pride as a 4-H alumni.
  2. Compete for Your State: Raising your hand is a vote towards a $20,000, $10,000 or $5,000 award for the states with the most alumni hands raised. In Nebraska, this award will be used to reach more youth through Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) programs.
  3. Pay it Forward: Tweet, post and share your #4HGrown and #NE4H experience or support and tag fellow alumni asking them to raise their hands for their state at 

In addition, share the campaign by:

  • Adding the Nebraska 4-H Frame to Facebook Profile Picture – Log into Facebook. Click this link to change your profile picture. Search for “Nebraska 4-H” and click “Use as Profile Picture.”
  • Asking Four Friends to Raise Their Hand by Voting for Nebraska – Send an email, social media message, or text to four friends asking them to Raise Your Hand for Kids in Nebraska! Include the link to

Help kids learn responsibility, compassion, respect and the value of hard work by supporting 4-H. Together we can grow the next generation of true leaders.