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Landlord/Tenant Cash Lease Workshops

 Do you as a landlord feel that you are not receiving enough money for their cash rent? Do you as a tenant worry about how you will be able to afford to pay rent when yields are poor and/or prices drop? Answers to these and other land lease questions will be provided at the Landlord/Tenant Cash lease workshops being held State-Wide in November and December of 2011. The main purpose of these workshops is to help with establishing and maintaining positive farm leasing relationships.

Topics for discussion include: 1) Expectations from the lease, including goal setting for the rental property; 2) Lease communication, determining appropriate information sharing for both the tenant and landlord; 3) Relatives – tips for farm leases that include relatives; 4) Irrigation System questions, as they pertain to setting lease rates; 5) Alternative cash lease arrangements, flexible provision considerations for your situation and 6) Other topics like grain bin rental will be covered as time allows.

See the list of locations for this set of workshops, which are being sponsored by the Nebraska Soybean Board. All of these workshops will begin with the registration at 5:00 and conclude at 9:00 pm at each location. The meal and handouts are provided. Participation is limited, to register contact the local Extension Office hosting the workshop. The Workshops are free, but you need to register to reserve your spot. Putting together the right lease isn’t about what is being discussed at the coffee shop, or what a University survey of cash lease rates says; it is about what fits both the landlord and tenant for their circumstance and situation. Attending this presentation will provide a set of ideas to work from as those specifics are discussed.

Several sessions include:

November 15 – Wilber – at Sokol Hall – call Saline County Extension – 402-821-2151

December 6 – Hastings – Adams County Fairgrounds – call Adams County Extension – 402-461-7209

December 7 – Central City – Community Room – call Merrick County Extension at 308-946-3843

For more information, please contact Allan Vyhnalek, Extension Educator, UNL, Extension in Platte County. Phone: 402-563-4901 or e-mail

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