Farm Service Agency Updates

Below are some items for producers to take notice from Fillmore County FSA Director, Ryne Norton.

Nebraska FSA to Implement GovDelivery

To manage budget constraints, Nebraska FSA will be implementing GovDelivery in FY2012 to distribute newsletters and program information electronically.  Information that is participant or farm specific will continue to be distributed by hard copy mailings.

Producers who choose to participate in GovDelivery will need to fill out Form AD-2047 with their local FSA Office.  The AD-2047 form authorizes us to provide information to customers electronically.  The collection of the AD-2047 is a requirement set by the Office of External Affairs for all email addresses loaded for GovDelivery.

Producers who do not elect to participate in GovDelivery, may not receive future newsletters and program reminders in the mail. 

 USDA Announces Disaster Assistance Sign up for 2010 Crop Losses

USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) recently announced that the Supplemental Revenue Assistance Payments (SURE) program enrollment for 2010 crop year losses begins November 14, 2011.

Producers across the state experienced several natural disasters during the 2010 crop year that caused hardship and financial losses to many agricultural operations.  According to Ryne Norton, Fillmore County FSA director, “The SURE program provides assistance to producers when disaster strikes, it is encouraged that any producers with 2010 crop losses contact the Fillmore County FSA office to learn more about the program.”

To qualify for a SURE payment, at the 10 percent production loss level the producer’s operation must be located in a county that was declared a disaster for 2010.

Fillmore County did not receive a disaster designation for 2010 therefore producers are eligible for SURE benefits if they had a production loss greater or equal to 50 percent of the normal production for a single crop on the farm.  The definition of a farm for SURE is all crops in which the producer has an interest for the given year.

To meet program eligibility requirements, producers must have obtained a policy or plan of insurance for all insurable crops through the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation and obtained Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program (NAP) coverage on non-insurable crops, if available, from FSA. Eligible farmers and ranchers who meet the definition of a socially disadvantaged, limited resource or beginning farmer or rancher do not have to meet this requirement. Forage crops intended for grazing are not eligible for SURE benefits.

For more information on SURE program eligibility requirements contact the Fillmore County FSA office at 402-759-4463 or visit the website.

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