Pesticide Applicator Safety Trainings

Nebraska pesticide safety education training and certification is required for restricted use pesticide product applications using label recommendations. Therefore, the Nebraska Department of Agriculture in cooperation with Nebraska Extension provides certification across the state. Certification requirements vary based on licensing classification.PestEd

For example, the Nebraska Pesticide Act allows anyone producing agricultural commodities on their own property or rented acres to purchase and apply restricted use pesticides on their managed acres through Private Applicator Pesticide Certification. Exceptions for Private Use licensing would be: “for hire” pesticide applications; controlling fish for recreation; termite control; mosquito control; residential lawn care; and weed control in aquatic sites or irrigation canals.

Private pesticide safety certification (group) training dates, times, and locations are listed on the PestEd website .Other Private licensing options include: completing the Nebraska Private Self-Study Manual and written exam; taking the online Private Pesticide Applicator exam; or attending a Nebraska Extension Crop Production Clinic.

New 2015 Private Applicator Training topics include: “Water Quality Testing for Pesticide Performance;” “Driftwatch website updates;” “Nozzle Drift Prevention Technology;” and “Safe Pesticide Disposal and Storage.”

In Fillmore County, private pesticide certification will be held twice on February 17th. The first session will be at 9:00 a.m. and the second at 1:30 p.m. The programs will be at the Fillmore County Fairgrounds in Geneva, NE.

Commercial applicator pesticide applicator licensing & certification is required for anyone applying restricted use pesticides on a contractual or “for hire” basis. This licensing is also required for any person applying a restricted or general use pesticide for lawn care or structural pest control to the land for another person “for hire” or compensation. A complete list of commercial testing dates, time, and locations is available.

Commercial certification requires passing a written General Standards exam plus each needed category. Based upon the applicator’s certification needs, there are several categories available. For specific categories details, contact the Nebraska Department of Agriculture as 402-471-2351 or toll-free at 877-800-4080.

More Nebraska Extension educational meetings and clinic information is available at:; through our Nebraska Extension – Fillmore County office (402-759-3712); or through your local Nebraska Extension office.

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