When “sustainable” becomes unsustainable…Feedback Friday

Some “food” for thought from my colleague, Lindsay Chichester focused in beef and consumer education.

Agricultural with Dr. Lindsay

This morning I saw the news article that Chipotle had announced they would now be sourcing all of their beef from Australia, instead of from Texas (or any other state that produces beef). I was confused and still am. So I thought I would throw it out for a Feedback Friday post.

Now before you think this is a personal attack on Chipotle, it is not. This is an attack on any USA based company that isn’t even giving the USA a chance to produce the product. I love that consumers (myself included) have choices on where they eat and they type of food they eat. We get choices on what to watch on tv, what to wear, who to spend time with, and of course with our food – a huge perk of living in America.

From what I understand, Chipotle sources its product from sustainable, humanely raised

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