Precision Ag Workshops

Learn how to extract more information from your precision ag data at one of several Nebraska Extension workshops this winter. Yield monitor data is one of the most valuable pieces of farm information that is gathered each year. Utilizing yield, soil, and input data to its fullest potential is the objective in developing an integrated agronomic management system. This workshop will help drive informed decisions and make the most of data you already have to drive future profitability.IMG_2639

The Precision Ag Data Management Workshops will offer lectures and hands-on activities using Ag Leaders SMS Advanced software.  (Laptops and data will be supplied.) Each site will be limited to 25 registrants.

Session topics will demonstrate strategies to: conduct multi-year yield data normalization analyses; analyze yield monitor data versus as-applied split planter hybrid data; quantify yield monitor data versus NRCS soil survey boundaries and soil electrical conductivity (EC) maps generated from Veris data; develop prescription maps for crop inputs under irrigated and dryland conditions and export to an in-cab monitor; and develop and evaluate the performance of management plans for corn seeding rates using on-farm research strategies.


Programs are the same at each site and begin at 8:30 a.m. and end at 5 p.m.

  • Tuesday, Feb. 24 — York, 4-H Bldg., 2400 Nebraska Ave.; register by Feb. 20
    Contact: Gary Zoubek, (402) 362-5508 or
  • Wednesday, Feb. 25 — Clay Center, Clay County Activities Bldg.; register by Feb. 20   Contact: Jenny Rees, (402) 762-3644 or
  • Thursday, March 5 — Geneva, Public Library; register by Feb. 27
    Contact: Brandy VanDeWalle, (402) 759-3712 or

Registration is $50. Add $15 for an additional registrant from the same farm operation who will share a computer and add $20 for anyone requesting CCA CEUs. CCA CEUs are currently pending approval. Six credits are anticipated for the successful completion of the workshop (one credit each for soil and water, soil fertility, and professional development and three credits for crop management). Registration includes learning guides, a jump drive with similar information, and lunch.

To register, contact the Extension office indicated in the schedule by the deadline listed. To contact our office, call 402-759-3712 or email me at

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