International Year of Soils

Another blog I post related to soils and resources for teaching soils is the soilsproject.wordpress.com. This blog provides resources from the Soil Science Society of America’s International Year of Soils.

Nebraska Ag Ed Soils Project

Did you know it is the International Year of Soils?

There are monthly themes which offers a lesson plan and activities based on that theme.

The themes are: IYSoils

January – Soils Sustain Life
February – Soils Support Urban Life
March-Soils Support Agriculture
April – Soils Clean and Capture Water
May – Soils Support Buildings/Infrastructure
June – Soils Support Recreation 
July – Soils are Living
August – Soils Support Health
September – Soils Protect the Natural Environment
October – Soils & the Products We Use
November – Soils & Climate
December – Soils, Culture & People 

For these lessons and other great ideas on teaching about soils, go to the Soil Science Society of America’s website.

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