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Big Red Crops Camp: Youth Discover Crop Science

Are you interested in science, agriculture, plants, crops, insects, or diseases? If so, join our team of detectives to solve crop-related problems in the Crop Science Investigation (CSI) Big Red Camp! Become a detective while participating in hands-on sessions to learn about and increase your knowledge of crops, science, and agricultural careers. Youth detectives will interact with agronomic professionals across Nebraska to solve experiments in: nutrient management; managing disease, insect and weed problems; water management; crop production, and much more! Do you have what it takes to become a CSI detective?

Youth in Crop Sciences Investigation (CSI) workshops learn about crop production and have the opportunity in investiage what pests might be present in the field.
Youth who attend Big Red Camp – Crop Science learn about crop production and have the opportunity in investigate what pests might be present in the field.

There are a variety of careers related to plant sciences such as: Agricultural Communicator; Agronomist; Crop Consultant; Crop Insurance Adjuster; Educator; Co-op Manager; Farmer or Rancher; Farm Credit Banker; Field or Lab Researcher; Plant Breeder; Soil or Water Conservationist; Seed, Fertilizer, or Chemical Sales; or Technical Representative.

This program was held two years and one participant said, “It (the camp) let me see all of what an agronomy career is made up of.” All youth said they would recommend this camp to their friends. As I write this, there are several spots already taken, so be sure and get your registration form in soon to ensure a spot at this year’s camp.

To register or download a camp brochure, visit BIGREDCAMPS.UNL.EDU. Final registration deadline of May 1st! Scholarships are available for crops camp. If you have questions about the camp or the required essays, please feel free to contact me at or 402-759-3712.

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