What’s Bugging You?

These pesty little insects are definitely starting to bite at my house! Read about ways to deal with them from Nicole Stoner, Extension Educator’s blog!

Plants and Pests with Nicole

This year we are dealing with quite a few pests in and around our lawns. I wanted to inform you of some management practices for some insects in our landscapes.


Mosquito populations are quite high this spring due to the large amounts of rain we have dealt with over the past month. The first three life stages of a mosquito are completed in or near bodies of water, typically standing water, the adult is the only stage not in the water. The steps in reducing mosquito populations in your yard would be to:

  • Eliminate standing water from your property
  • Dump buckets and old tires that may have water in them
  • Check for low areas in your landscape that may have water sitting in it
  • Clean birdbaths and pools weekly
  • Use larval control disks in those areas to kill the mosquito larvae and not harm other animals
    • Mosquito dunks can be…

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