Irrigation Management

 Nebraska Agricultural Water Management Demonstration Network

Growers are challenged today to use conservation practices, reduce runoff and other losses from irrigation, and to increase crop water use efficiency while meeting the crop water requirements for maximum net return. Great challenges like these often can be met by coming at them from a team perspective. The Nebraska Agricultural Water Management Demonstration Network (NAWMDN) project is designed for encouraging the adoption of newer technologies that will enable farmers to use water and energy resources associated with irrigated crop production efficiently.

Growers, crop consultants, state and federal water regulatory agencies and other interested partners can contact one of the members of the Network if they would like to sign up and be a part of the demonstration and education efforts. To learn more about the NAWMDN or to join contact the Fillmore County Extension office at 402-759-3712 or go to UNL’s Water Website -NAWMDN.

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