Cornhusker Economics Outlook Meetings Planned

York will be the location for one of the series of Cornhusker Economics Outlook Meetings offered by Nebraska Extension and the University of Nebraska Lincoln Department of Agricultural Economics.

Topics will include:

  • Kate Brooks, Extension Livestock Economist at UNL will provide outlook and analysis for beef and other livestock producers.
  • Cory Walters, Extension Crop Economist at UNL will discuss the crop outlook and implications for producers.
  • Brad Lubben, Extension Policy Specialist at UNL will discuss the ag policy outlook. Beyond the current policy environment in Washington, Lubben will focus on the role of the farm income safety net and the projected support from farm programs and crop insurance for cash flow planning and risk management decision-making.agoutlook
  • Tina Barrett, Director of Nebraska Farm Business, Inc. will discuss the farm financial outlook and financial management decisions ahead for producers. Building on data from hundreds of farm cooperators in NFBI, Tina will focus on the current financial position and trends for Nebraska agriculture and the financial management challenges and decisions facing producers, with a focus on budgeting and cost control for the year ahead.
  • Jay Parsons, Extension Economist at UNL will discuss farm and ranch risk management issues and decisions. Jay will draw on his expertise in risk management to incorporate the marketing, production, policy, and financial discussion into risk management decisions and strategies for producers for 2016.

The agenda is packaged into a 3-hour format to provide producers the best available information and send them home to ready to make 2016 management and marketing decisions. Although there is no cost to participants, pre-registration is encouraged to plan for facilities, refreshments, and materials. The York session will be held Tuesday, November 17, 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. at the Holthus Convention Center, 3130 Holen Avenue, York, NE 68467.

To register for the York session, call our office at (402) 759-3712 or email Brandy VanDeWalle at

You can also contact Brad Lubben at 402-472-2235 or for more information. It should be a great workshop, so I hope we’ll have a large turnout for this meeting.


Cornhusker Economics Outlook Program

The 8th annual Cornhusker Economics Outlook meeting series will focus on the ag outlook and management decisions for farmers and ranchers at eight locations across the state in late February. The annual meeting series is offered by University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension and the Department of Agricultural Economics and is available free to participants with grant support from the Nebraska Corn Board and the generous sponsorship of Great Western Bank.CEOutlook

The outlook meetings are scheduled for a concise, fast-paced discussion of crop, livestock, and policy outlook:

  • Paul Burgener, Market Analyst and writer for Farm Futures Magazine and Farm Progress Companies, will provide the crop outlook for corn, soybean, and wheat producers. Paul writes his marketing columns from Scottsbluff and travels the country to share his marketing expertise. Making crop production and marketing decisions in 2013 will require balancing lingering drought concerns and production risks with market opportunities. Burgener’s insight will help pave the way for making sound production, marketing, and risk management decisions.
  • Kate Brooks, Extension Livestock Economist will provide outlook and analysis for the beef and pork producers. Kate is a new specialist at UNL with a Central Kansas background and experiences in Oklahoma and Texas before coming to UNL in January. Brooks will digest the emerging livestock market fundamentals of shrinking herds, meat supplies, and meat demand along with grain supplies and feed prices to assess producer profit potential and sound marketing and production decisions in 2013.
  • Brad Lubben, UNL Extension Policy Specialist will provide perspectives on the policy environment in Washington and the implications for ag policy and the farm bill. With seemingly ever-growing fiscal challenges in Washington, the road ahead could be even more challenging to get the farm bill done again before the current extension expires in September. In the meantime, producers will need to recall the existing safety net programs of ACRE and DCP for 2013 program participation decisions. Lubben will discuss the policy outlook and program alternatives to help producers effectively combine farm programs, crop insurance, and marketing strategies for success.

This outlook agenda is packaged into a 2 ½ hour format to provide producers the best available information and send them home ready to make 2013 management and marketing decisions. The series runs from February 25 through February 28 and varies in time by location. Locally, a session will be held in Geneva at the Fillmore County Fairgrounds on February 25th from 2:30 to 5:00 p.m.

Although there is no cost to participants, pre-registration is encouraged to plan for facilities, refreshments, and materials.

More information and details on all eight of the meetings is available on the webpage. Register by contacting the local Extension office listed for each location. You can also contact Lubben at 402-472-2235 or our office at (402) 759-3712 or myself at