Irrigation Management Equipment Cost Share Available

Last week, I presented pesticide safety education sessions to forty-six producers in 2 counties, not only reminding them of the dangers that can exist when handling pesticides but providing updates on on-farm research studies including soybean population, soybean planting dates, corn planting rates and corn planting depth studies. For those who irrigate, I also provided a brief overview of the Nebraska Agricultural Water Management Network (NAWMN), a program started by UNL Extension and collaboration with key partners such as NRD’s and NRCS. I can honestly say this program has been an excellent way to network with a large number of producers, helping them not only save money, but reduce water pumping resulting in better yields and less nutrient loss which is good for the environment.

Those wishing to participate in the program receive assistance installing equipment and education on how to read the equipment.

As stated last week in the programs, 2012 equipment cost share is now posted on the UBBNRD and LBNRD websites. My colleague, Gary Zoubek reminded me that we’ve grown from about 15 producers in the Upper Big Blue NRD to over 700 statewide with many more involved in efforts with Fontanelle and other equipment manufactures. If you irrigate and don’t have an Atmometer or ETgage and or some type of soil sensor, make it your new year’s resolution to give it at try! I will be glad to help you determine your equipment needs and where to install the equipment. We’ll also help you make sense of the data as the season goes one.

Gary worked on permanent installation with a no-till producer and has been trying some other demonstrations and hopes to test equipment making it easier to get sensor readings to one’s desktop or mobile devices. Stay tuned this year for those updates. More information on the NAWMN can be found on UNL’s water website.

Give me a call at 402-759-3712 or email me at bvandewalle2@unl.edu if you have questions. I’d like to work with new growers this season. One less irrigation will pay for this equipment plus a dividend.

Veterans in Agriculture: Take Notice!

The Center for Rural Affairs’ Veteran Farmers Project provides veterans with the business and agriculture education that can help them become successful farmers. By creating sound farm businesses that tap into high value markets, returning veterans can reintegrate gracefully and fruitfully into America’s rural communities.

The Veteran Farmers Project offers:

  • Workshops conducted by expert speakers on topics in agriculture and finance 
  • Farm tours from experienced farmers demonstrating production, marketing, and decision making 
  • Individual consultations with professionals for financial and production advice 
  • HelpLine for phone and email inquiries, resources, and support Workshops are scheduled in Nebraska and Kansas in March.

Please call Kathie Starkweather, 402-617-7946 if you have questions.

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